• Molly McElaney

Spilled: Pilot Preview




AVA, a perky thirty-something with glasses, fusses with her microphone, muttering “oohs” and “almost got her” repetitively. Finally, the mic clips onto her obnoxiously pink and unironed blouse. She is profusely sweating and smiling frantically.


Sorry. Those little guys just never seem to stay on. Anyway, what was the question?


So why should Carly’s Cuppa-

AVA (overlapping with zeal):

Ah yes! Carly’s Cuppa is a company with a heart, our preservation station. Great backstory and great service.

As she continues with her speech, there’s obvious disinterest from the camera crew: a man coughing, loud typing on a smartphone, and a whispered conversation, muffled but disruptive enough to distract from AVA’s one-note speech.

AVA (continued):

We serve over one hundred cups to visitors from all over the Northeast coast. And while it’s not as interesting as certain paper companies, we certainly deserve our own documentary. You see, I started as an acting major at-

INTERVIEWER (cuts her off):

Okay, okay! I think we’ve seen enough here.

AVA’s confidence flickers for a split second on her face as the shuffling around her begins to grow. Another day at the office for the crew.

INTERVIEWER (lowers voice):

Stop rolling. We don’t need to keep filming.

AVA jumps out of her seat, the camera still focused on where she was previously sitting as she marches off to the right. As she knocks over the chair desperately, the camera falls on its side, now filming the legs of the INTERVIEWER and a kneeling AVA begging on the ground. The camera angle cuts off from above the mouth, but her lip can be seen trembling.

AVA (quietly, but with strong emotions):

Please, don’t go. Our shop is on the line. We really need this show to stay afloat and-


I’m sorry. We’ve got other companies with more compelling stories. Less sob, more dramatic and competitive. Now come on Jeremy. We’ve got to make it to our appointment with Stuff-a-Snake.

A frustrated scream is heard, followed by the sound of a solid object (AVA’s mic pack) getting thrown. Panic ensues and an out-of-focus hand fumbles around the camera lens before it shuts the camera off.


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