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  • Molly McElaney

The Best [Post] Covid Celebration is Happening in West Harlem

Originally published in Hudson Valley Style Magazine.

The Best [Post] Covid Celebration is Happening in West Harlem– MASC Hospitality Group, the creators of Bronx Night Market, are bringing the party uptown on July 8th

This season, MASC Hospitality Group, in partnership with the West Harlem Development Corporation, is kicking off summer with the city’s best food concepts in West Harlem, starting July 8th. The project, Uptown Night Market, is designed to highlight some of the best food concepts in the city. Established members of the community are in support of the BIGGEST party of the year, including Harlem Park to Park Organization, Harlem Late Night Jazz, and Manhattan Community Board 9.

MASC Hospitality Group, the creators of Bronx Night Market, are bringing the party uptown on July 8th. Uptown Night Market will feature some well-established foodie brands such as Katz’s Deli and Tony Boloney’s, and the intention to add beloved Harlem establishments such as Lolo’s Seafood and Melba. There will also be a ton of crowd-pleasers such as Cupcake Me, Twisted Potato, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream, German Bratwurst, 2 Belize Girls, Hangry Dog, Fried Lasagna Mama, Jess Pudin, Downeast Lobstah, and an eclectic assortment of merchandise, arts & crafts, and body-care products.

This project is made possible because of the widespread success of Bronx Night Market, another one of MASC Hospitality’s ventures. Bronx Night Market, accredited by the New York Times as “New York’s Best Outdoor Food Fair” in 2019, has been drawing in thousands of visitors every season for the last five years. Marco Shalma, the founder of Bronx Night Market and president of MASC Hospitality Group, said, “The West Harlem community, much like the one in the Bronx supporting our Fordham Plaza operation, is a prideful one with a rich cultural perspective that’s manifested in art and cuisine. We’re happy to be able to showcase some of these amazing food concepts and introduce new ones to a demographic that is vocal about celebrating post-pandemic life locally.” While Uptown Night Market will be launching next month, MASC Hospitality will also be launching other events like Fordham Flea on June 27th.

But MASC Hospitality isn’t the only partner who has been hard at work. The West Harlem Development Corporation has also been hosting important events this summer including its Online Arts Exhibition and Virtual Harlem Pride 2021. Zead Ramadan, executive director of West Harlem Development Corporation stated “After all we’ve been through, we can’t wait to have some good food and fun times here, in West Harlem. It’s going to be fantastic for the whole family as we enjoy great international food from our community restaurants and throughout the city! WHDC is proud to partner with MASC Hospitality Group. to bring the Uptown Night Market, a safe street festival, to our community for some excellent times.”

This event series, launching July 8th on 12th Ave under the world-famous Arches of Harlem, will feature live performances, curated in partnership with Harlem Late Night Jazz, local DJs, art installations, a selection of all-family-activities, raffles, giveaways, and more. Uptown Night Market is still accepting applications for performances and food vendors. For more information or to RSVP for your spot at this highly anticipated event of the summer, visit their website at or check them out on Instagram and Facebook.

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